5. Oktober 2011

                              Hello there (●´∀`●)
This is my first blog entry on this site~ ♪
& I'm really excited about it (*´∇`*)
I will manly write about my daily life & special events~
But I hope that I will be able to post about my
hobbies too. ♪
I'm a huge gamingfreak so obviously there will be some post's about it |D
Moreover I LOVE K POP ♥
Especially BIG BANG (♡´∀`♡)
(GD biased |DD)
Soon I will do some reviews of different products~  ♥

 ♥¸¸.·´¯`・SOFT BENDY HAIR ROLLERS・´¯`·.¸¸♥

As always in my holidyas I'm getting a little bit lazy |D
So I thought instead of curling my hair with a hair straightener
I try to use these things here ♪

sorry for the bad quality~ (。-人-。) 

Well I would say they are okay.. XDD

It got so damn dry (●◎3◎)
I'm used to have dry hair, but this was really shocking XD"
but after washing it with my normal shampoo it was in a good
conditon again (。・ω・。)

The lastfew days the weather in germany was really perfect~ ♥
And next week is the last week of my university holidays (o・Д・o)
So I think I will be just gaming & hanging around (°∀°)
& try to catch some sun ♪


  1. Haw Mao chan ♥
    Finally u do it! Yay!
    Humph & r even pretty cute dear! Don't shame about bad looking! Don't ask why in english! |D
    But try to do the letters bigger!
    So hard to read! (T /// T)

    Thats rly cute ur design!
    Do more advertisment! (* 0 *)/
    much luck!

    dearest greetings

  2. Echt schöner und süßer Blog! ;u;

    Würde allerdings die Schrift etwas größer machen.. ist etwas schwierig zu lesen x_x