23. Februar 2012

Review Diamond Lashes 'Glamorous Eyes' & Big Bang - Blue

I'm so sorry..

It feels like I haven't posted anything in ages |"DD
But from now on I will try to change that~ ♪

Last week my Diamond Lashes 'Glamorous Eyes' arrived ♥

They looked like ultra big volume
& indeed they have it ♥
+ there are 5 pairs in it for 13$

Here's also a close-up
(well I think I'm to stupid to turn this picture around |"D)

Nevertheless here are a few pictures of me wearing them ♥

As always I put two pairs together to let them stand out more ♪
& I totally love the way how it looks, make the eyes a lot bigger to my mind (=◕ ε ◕=)
But I really need some better bottom lashes |"D
Yeah and actually I was to lazy to style my hair, so I was wearing my brown wig ♥

+ I was so excited for big bangs comeback..
& here it is ♥
perfect as always!!!
I'm so much in love with 'blue'~ ♪
I've listen to it once & it is already sticking in my head XD
YG magic as always |DD
I was laughing so hard, when I saw GD running in the first seconds XD
Because he complained before, that he is always the one running in the big bang mv's |D
but this time he luckily wasn't the only one XD

Big Bang - Blue ♥ ♥ ♥

Well that's it for now~
See ya' (○・v・)

1 Kommentar:

  1. Ich mag auch künstl Wimpern tragen können T___T"
    entweder es hapert an der Erfahrung oder kein guter Kleber und dann noch das meine Augen total empfindlich sind...Nyaw~
    Aber freut mich, dassu nun öfter posten magst, ich freu mich schon auf den nächsten Post <33
    Und iwie is dein Icon oben vorm Blognamen so merkwürdig...was soll das darstellen?